Portrait of the Composer

Sebastian Szymański – Polish composer of classical music. An extraordinary member of ZAiKS (Section “A”) & STOART, and a Founding member of Scientific Society EDUCARE (Art Section) settled in Pułtusk and Founder of Chamber Orchestra of Limanowa.

He graduated from Music University of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw – Advanced Studies in Composition in professor Paweł Łukaszewski’s composer class (2015), and University of Cardinal Stephen Wyszyński in Warsaw, obtained Master Degree in theology in a field of sacral music (2012).
PhD Student of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow (from 2015) – Contemporary sacred music, Music Theology.

Sebastian Szymański`s music was performed by Anna Mikołajczyk-NiewiedziałJan Łukaszewski, Paweł ŁukaszewskiMichał Klauza, Christian Krämer, Kai Schumacher,  Polish Chamber Choir, Choir MUSICA SACRA of Warsaw-Praska Cathedral, The Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, Orkiestra Reprezentacyjna Straży GranicznejPolish Radio Symphony Orchestra and others.

Composer`s masterpieces were presented while many concerts and scientific conferences, and was broadcast in TVP, TVP Kultura, TVN, TV Puls 2, JimJam Polsat, Polish Radio, Radio WPRB (USA), Cinema City and MultiKino.

Live performance:

Église Saint-Maclou de Rouen (France) L’INEDIT Musique w sacrée (2019)
• National Forum of Music in Wrocław (2019)
Lublin Museum (2018)
• Sandomierz Castle (2018)
Archcathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Łódź (2018)
• Chip Davis Studio (USA), University of Michigan School of Music (2018)
Szczyrzyc Abbey (2017)
State University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz (2017)
Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw (2016)
Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Warsaw. The concert programme includes pieces of music by composers: Paweł Łukaszewski, Ola Giejlo, Arvo Pärt, Sebastian Szymański, John Rutter, Gabriel Faure, Stanisław Moryto, Paul Mealor (2016)
Köthen (Germany) – Köthener Bachfesttage (2016)
Alter Ratssaal, Baden-Baden (Germany) (2016)
Basilica of Limanowa (2016)
St. Florian`s Cathedral in Warsaw (2016)
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (2016)
Royal Castle in Warsaw (2015)
Music University of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw (2015, 2014)
The Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic in Gdańsk (2014)
Syreni Śpiew in Warsaw (2012)
Town Hall of Legionowo (2011)
Church of the Holy Spirit in Legionowo (2010)
Holy Saviour Church in Warsaw (2010)
Fabryka Trzciny in Warsaw (2009)
Klub55 in Warsaw (2009)
Radio Kampus in Warsaw (2009)
Polish Television in Warsaw (2009)
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (2008)
Podziemia Kamedulskie in Warsaw (2008)

Publications and scientific work:

Mass as a type of sacral music in man’s spiritual upbringing. Personalistic perspective.
Science article in FIDES ET RATIO Nr. 2(30)2017, s.187-197,

• Power of Fate in chosen passion pieces of music written by contemporary sacra music composers. Personalistic perspective
Wydawnictwo Akademii Humanistycznej im. A. Gieysztora, Pułtusk 2017;
s.215-232, ISBN 978-83-7549-310-8

• International Scientific Conference „Identity in Culture” (19-20.10.2017)
Limanowa District Authority Office, the Department of Andragogy and Pedagogical Axiology of the Institute of Educational Sciences of the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Cracow, Scientific Society EDUCARE and First Level Music School in Limanowa, Poland

Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference: Verbal, Visual and Scientific Narratives (04-06.09.2017)
Topic of presentation: Narration in Music
Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland

Innováció, kutatás, pedagógusok. HuCER 2017 (25-26.05.2017)
Music Education Research.
Topic of presentation: Polish Contemporary Sacred Music.
Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem Pedagógiai és Pszichológiai Kar, Budapest, Hungary

Międzynarodowa Interdyscyplinarna Konferencja Naukowa: Edukacja XXI wieku – zagrożenia, problemy i perspektywy doby globalnej (13.05.2017)
Topic of presentation: 21st century Sacred Music
Wydział Pedagogiczny Akademii Humanistycznej im. Aleksandra Gieysztora w Pułtusku oraz Towarzystwo Naukowe Educare, Poland

Ogólnopolskie Seminarium Naukowe: Twórczość w Praktyce Dydaktyczno-Wychowawczej (26.04.2017)
Topic of presentation: Praktyczny wymiar nowej muzyki sakralnej.
Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie, Poland

Masterclasses for Chamber Orchestra of Limanowa (22.04.2017)
Topic of presentation: Aleatoryzm jako jeden z elementów współczesnej muzyki sakralnej.
Limanowa, Poland

National Scientific Conference: Music in Education (22-23.09.2016)
Topic of presentation: Sacral music in the light of own creativity aspect
Poręba Wielka, Poland

The Second International Conference: Transformation process and results of socio-cultural family domain (28.10.2015)
Topic of presentation: Music within family field
Pruszków, Poland

The Third International Interdisciplinary Conference: Thinking Symbols (30.06-02.07.2015)
Topic of presentation: Music as a symbol of communication
Honour guest
Pultusk Academy of Humanities, Poland

Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (10.07.2013)
The world premiere.
Run by dr Marvin Rosen (Columbia University), Radio WPRB, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

The Intercultural Experience Exchange Conference at Academy of Humanities after A. Gieysztor’s name in Pułtusk (11.03.2013) run by PhD Anna Misiak – Prorector of General Maters

High Culture – Dead of Sacral Art? (01.12.2011)
Scientific Conference on discourse and discussion upon contemporary sacra art. Perspectives.
Run by x. dr Szymon Tracz – Vice-Director of Art and History Institute at Faculty of History and Culture Heritage of Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow.

Paschal Motives of Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi op.65 by Józef Elsner,
Rocznik Słowo Krzyża 6 (2012), Katedra Teologii Krzyża i Duchowości Pasyjnej przy Papieskim Wydziale Teologicznym, Warszawa 2012, s.240-250.

Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi op. 65 Józefa Elsnera in the light of Triduum Paschal Liturgy – Master diploma theme (11.12.2012)
Under conducting of x. prof. dr hab. Jan Decyk – the Head of History and Liturgy Unit (Cathedral) at University of Cardinal Stephen Wyszyński in Warsaw.
• A founding member of Scientific Society EDUCARE (Art Section) settled in Pułtusk

Society of Authors ZAiKS – An extraordinary member of „A” Section
/The Authors of Music Masterpiecese/

Association of Artist Performers STOART – an ordinary member.


Classical music (significant):


  • Betlejem for soprano solo, mixed choir and chamber orchestra (2018) [ca 6′]
  • Septem Dolórum Beátæ Maríæ Vírginis for female vocal sextet (SSSMsMsA), church bells and organs (2017-2016) [ca 28′]
  • Carmen Propheti for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2016)
  • Kiedy mówisz for poem by priest Jan Twardowski for mixed choir and string orchestra (2016)
  • Awaking music for selected poems by priest Jan Twardowski for soprano, baritone, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2015)
  • Psalmus 91 for two mixed choirs and orchestra (2014)
  • Lament for mixed choir and orchestra (2012)
  • Ad Astra for soprano, alto saxophone, ethnic instruments, percussion instruments, guitar, female choir and string orchestra (2011)
  • Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, narrator, children choir, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2010)
  • Jezu, ocal nas! for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (2010)
  • Ezechielis for soprano, timpani and string orchestra (2010)


  • Da mihi animas for mixed choir (2018) [ca. 3’15”]
  • Matko Miłosierdzia  for words by Pope Saint John Paul II for mixed choir (2018) [ca. 3’15”]
  • Myśląc Ojczyzna for poem by Pope Saint John Paul II for mixed choir (2018) [ca. 3’15”]
  • Śpiewajcie for words by Saint Augustine for mixed choir (2018) [ca. 5’]
  • Za Chrystusem – Anthem of the 5th Synod of Tarnowska Diocese for mixed choir (2017)
  • O Salutaris Hostia for mixed choir (2017)
  • Matko Pana Naszego for SATB children choir (2016)
  • Pie Jesu for SSA choir (2016)
  • Jezu, ufam Tobie for poem by priest Jan Twardowski for mixed choir (2015)
  • Maleńka Kruszyno Chleba for mixed choir (2015)
  • Psalmus 91 for two mixed choirs (2014)
  • Prayer for SSAA choir (2014)


  • Sinfonietta for string orchestra or for accordin and string orchestra (2016)
  • Matka Boska Bolesna for symphony orchestra (2015-2014)
  • Waltz for symphony orchestra (2012)
  • Dignity of a man for string orchestra (2012)
  • Adagio for strings for string orchestra (2012)

Chamber and Solo:


  • Music for cartoon film Malucholandia directed by Piotr Furmankiewicz (2015)
  • Music for TV cartoon series Preschoolers (seasons: 1, 2, 3) directed by Piotr Furmankiewicz, Magdalena Gałysz, Jarosław Szyszko (2013-2014)
  • Music for short movie for The Jagiellonian University Jagiellonix directed by Filip Rudnicki (2012)
  • Music for short movie Wanderland directed by Jan Macierewicz (2012)
  • Music for cartoon film Squarefield directed by Michał Mróz (2012)
  • Music for movie Alone directed by Joanna Wnęk (Ireland, 2012)
  • Music for TV documentary series Wild on the Fly (1st episode) directed by Joseph Daniel (USA, 2011)
  • Music for cartoon film Friction directed by Michał Mróz (2010)
  • Music for cartoon film Marionetki directed by Michał Mróz (2008)

© Sebastian Szymański 2020. All rights reserved.